Vortex Speed Reducers

Maximize productivity. Minimize downtime.

Vortex delivers powerful performance so you can maximize productivity with minimal downtime.

Your profit depends on maximum productivity. There’s never a good time for a breakdown or extensive, unplanned maintenance. At Vortex, we’re dedicated to ensuring that everything we do is guided by these three standards.

We offer…

Carefully crafted quality delivering powerful performance.

Unlike common competitors, Vortex gears are made from high-grade, case-hardened steel. We precision grind them for higher efficiency, lower backlash and a quieter, longer lasting performance. Our housings provide for ample lubrication and are leak-free due to our machining and treatment process. Because we are so committed to leak free performance, every unit is pressure tested in our factory to eliminate headaches and ensure adherence to our high quality standards.

Readily available speed reducers so you can get back to work quickly.

Need a solution quickly? Vortex speed reducers are readily available to eliminate the long lead times commonly experienced with other brands. We make it easy to find the speed reducer you need by providing technical drawings and a FREE online shaft mount calculator tool as well as our extensive catalogs. Questions about your application? No worries. Our team is ready with application assistance to guide you to the best possible solution.

Direct drop-in designs, so you can switch with confidence.

Look, we know you don’t want to switch to some new style you’re not used to. That’s why Vortex reducers intentionally use time-tested designs. You can replace most vendors with confidence, knowing our designs are ready to drop hassle-free into your existing system.

Vortex Quality means less maintenance, less downtime, and better performance. Vortex gets you right back to work.
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