The Strong Silent Type

At Vortex, we build reducers that are strong enough to handle the toughest applications. Our reducers are designed for rugged reliability and smooth-running performance.

Direct Drop-In

Vortex shaft mount reducers are a direct drop in for many different manufacturers including Dodge style TXT style reducers and are mechanically interchangeable with most commonly used reducers. Vortex worm gear boxes are a direct drop in for many different manufacturers including Boston Gear. If you are ready to make the switch or want to learn more about which Vortex reducer is best suited for your application, contact your local distributor or Vortex representative.

Product Info:

Shaft Mount Speed Reducers

Shaft Mount Speed Reducer Catalog [10MB PDF]
Features [PDF]
Dimensions [PDF]
Lubrication Specifications [PDF]

Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Features [PDF]
Performance Ratings [PDF]
Dimensions [PDF]
Lubrication Specifications [PDF]
Base Kits Available

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