Shaft Mount Speed Reducers

Rugged reliability. Smooth-running performance.

Vortex Shaft Mount Speed Reducers are strong enough to handle even the toughest applications. Our designs are a drop-in for TXT style reducers and are mechanically interchangeable with most commonly used reducers. Common ratios are prebuilt and available from stock. We stock for OEM requirements upon request.

We’ve designed each Vortex Shaft Mount Speed Reducer with:


Ground Gearing to reduce heat and friction inside the gearbox for quiet running, durable power.

Pressure Tested Seals to ensure that every unit is leak-free when it leaves our factory.

Centerless Ground Bearing Seats for perfect bearing fit and peak performance.

Cast Iron Housing to withstand the vibration and shock of tough applications.

Corrosion Resistant Finish to endure even the toughest environments.

What can you expect from Vortex Shaft Mount Speed Reducers?

Our reducers run quieter, transmit more horsepower, and last longer.

Vortex gears produce optimal results due to our smooth surface finish. We use high-quality, case hardened steel gears and precision grind them to AGMA standards.

Minimal oil leakage and longer seal life.

Our spring-loaded, rubber-jacketed, double-lip oil seals ride on shafts with ground seal seats. We pressure test every reducer to ensure leak free performance.

High strength shaft with optimal fit for longer bearing life.

Our one-piece shafts are made of heat-treated alloy steel for high strength. We use centerless ground bearing seats to provide ideal shaft fit and extend bearing life.

Protection from wear and corrosion.

Vortex uses cast iron housings and feature a highly corrosion-resistant finish and generous oil sump to dampen the effects of vibration and shock, protect from corrosive elements, and provide ideal lubrication throughout the life of the unit.

Smooth operation and extended bearing life.

Our bearings are optimized for load capacity and use ground bearing seats to ensure perfect fit and peak performance.

Easy mounting and removal.

The Vortex twin tapered bushing system provides tight and even gripping at both ends of the reducer and makes maintenance quick and easy.

We decided to give Vortex a try four years ago due to the availability of [another brand]. We were pleasantly surprised. The Vortex unit looked great out of the box and was built rock solid. We could just tell by looking that it was built with quality in mind. It comes with a torque arm at no additional cost and is a drop in replacement to the Dodge including the bushing kit. Current year to date, we have purchased 14 Vortex reducers with no issues. Vortex reducers are a solid unit and we will continue to purchase them for our shaft mount needs.

Brian Canini, Manager, Parts and Service | Valley Equipment Inc.

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