Direct Drop-in Speed Reducers

Direct drop-in designs, so you can switch with confidence. Vortex speed reducers are readily available to eliminate the long lead times commonly experienced with other brands. Questions about your application? Our team is ready with application assistance.

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Shaft Mount
VXT Series

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0.25 HP — 150 HP

Stock Ratios:
5:1, 9:1, 15:1, 25:1

Available Accessories:
Motor Mount
Cooling Fan Kit
Component Replacement Repair Kit
Screw Conveyor Adaptor Kits
(flange, shaft, and shaft removal kits sold individually)


Worm Gear
X Series

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0.125 HP — 90 HP

Stock Ratios*:
5:1 — 60:1

*Ratios up to 290:1 are available by special order.


Inline Helical
VR Series

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0.25 HP — 7.5 HP

Stock Ratios:
5:1 — 60:1

Available Accessories:
Torque Arm Kit
Output Bracket Kit
Foot Mounted Base Kit
Component Repair Kit
Output Hub Bushings
Input Quil Adapter Option