X Series
Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Solid performance for your toughest application.

Vortex Worm Gear Speed Reducers are designed for rugged strength and maximum reliability, giving you the solid performance you need to stay productive. We build strength and durability into every Vortex reducer, and ensure our parts are available when you need them most.

We’ve designed each Vortex Worm Gear Speed Reducer with:


Dual Bearing Input to greatly increase the stability of the gearbox.

Bronze Worm Gears to reduce friction over cast iron for higher efficiency.

Ground Gearing to give our gears a superior surface finish, reducing heat and friction inside the gearbox and allowing them to run quietly, transmit more horsepower, and last longer.

Pressure Tested Seals to ensure that every unit is leak-free when it leaves our factory.

Oil Gauge Sight to allow visibility of the condition and level of oil through a clear port.

What can you expect from Vortex Worm Gear Speed Reducers?

Minimal oil leakage and longer seal life.

Our metal-reinforced, spring-loaded, double-lip oil seals ride on shafts with ground seal seats minimizing oil leakage and providing longer seal life.

High strength shaft with ground bearing seats for longer bearing life.

Our one-piece shafts are made of heat-treated alloy steel for high strength. We use centerless ground bearing seats to provide ideal shaft fit and extend bearing life.

Protection from wear and corrosion.

Vortex uses cast iron housings and feature a highly corrosion-resistant finish and generous oil sump. These features dampen the effects of vibration and shock, protect from corrosive elements, and provide ideal lubrication throughout the life of the unit.


We use a Cast Iron NEMA C input flange, making our reducers compatible with most off-the-shelf electric motors.

High load capacities.

Vortex uses tapered roller bearings on the output shaft to give our reducers high overhung and thrust load capacities.

Arrangement options.

Our X-Series reducers are available in a variety of input and output shaft configurations, making them easy to use in many applications.

Discover the Vortex Quality difference, and see how we engineer long lasting performance and durability into every Vortex reducer, every time.

Strength. Reliability. Flexibility.

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